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Secondary Fertility

Statistically, secondary infertility is more common than primary infertility. Millions of people globally are dealing with secondary infertility, which occurs when a couple has difficulty conceiving or carrying a pregnancy to term after successfully having one or more children without medical assistance. Secondary infertility can also cause repeated miscarriages (defined as two or more) in women who have already carried a pregnancy to term. 

It is estimated that approximately 20% of women experience secondary infertility at some point in their lifetime and that secondary infertility is responsible for six out of every ten cases of infertility, making it more common than many people realize. Couples experiencing secondary infertility may feel especially frustrated and confused since they've already accomplished at least one successful pregnancy and may feel that they've "proven" their fertility.

One of the main causes of secondary fertility is also one of the most natural and inevitable: bodies change over time. Like primary infertility, secondary infertility can also result from a variety of hormonal, environmental, immunological and physiological causes:

Whatever the cause, there are viable solutions for treating secondary infertility. Unfortunately, couples with the condition are often less likely to seek treatment.

At PRO VITA, we work with each patient individually to create a comprehensive and custom fertility treatment plan that incorporates a medical approach with complementary care services like support groups, individual and couples counseling, yoga classes, acupuncture, and nutritional advice.

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