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Your first visit? What to expect

"It's really all about relationship building." 

Those are words you'll hear repeatedly when you talk to the fertility specialists and staff at Pro Vita Specialist Hospital. Our practice and philosophy are based on providing compassionate care, cutting edge technology and hope to those dealing with infertility. 

It all begins with your initial contact with our professional staff and fertility specialists, which we have streamlined so we can cover a lot of ground in a relatively short period of time. Our goal is that after you spend a few hours with us you'll go home with a comprehensive overview of what lies ahead on your path to fertility. 

"Some of them are very comfortable, and others are a little anxious because they've been trying to have a child for a long time and they want a second opinion," says Dr. Mainoo, who not only answers patients' questions by the phone but also carries on email correspondence with them as necessary. "I usually end up talking to them quite a few times before they come in, making sure that they get all their paperwork in and getting the front desk team to call to remind them of their appointment." 

The first hour or so of your visit, prior to having been scheduled for an appointment, will be spent with your fertility specialist, This is an in depth session during which your doctor will go over your medical and fertility history and perform a physical and ultrasound examination before deciding on a comprehensive fertility treatment plan. 

We do a diagnostic cycle first on almost every patient, generally that includes semen analysis for the men, a uterine evaluation and blood work. To make sure that the patient is not wasting time. 

After your consultation with your doctor, you'll meet with your primary nurse, who work closely with your doctor to make sure that your fertility treatment plan is implemented. 

All of our nurses specialize in fertility and provide personalized care to their patients. Your nurse reviews your options with you, explaining the different medications, workups, protocols and testing that your doctor has ordered and why they're important, as well as a timeline of what needs to happen and when. 

"There's a lot of administrative work that gets done behind the scenes, and we help the doctors and nurses with that," says Systems Administrator Forson Alberto Kwaku Temeng. "We're a resource for the patient, and we want her to feel that she's supported throughout the process, that she's not just a number, and that she's heard." 

"We review their benefits and discuss with them what's covered under their plan, any type of co-pays, co-insurance and deductibles, what they're responsible for out of pocket, our financial policies regarding refunds and when payment is due," she elaborates. "We hold the patient's hand from through the whole process from start to finish so there's never going to be a time where questions go unanswered. We resolve every issue the patient may have in regards to billing." 

By the end of your first appointment, you may feel somewhat overwhelmed, but you should have all the information you need about the treatment that lies ahead. If you don't, you'll know who to contact to get the answers and guidance you need. 

"What's nice about this practice is that all of our doctors and staff have come from larger centers, so we've considered the good and the bad of what that feels like and tried to bring the good experiences here," concludes Mr. Temeng. "We really care about the patient experience, and we think that makes a big difference. Everything we do is focused on that." 

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