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IVF Program

In this procedure, eggs are removed from the woman's body, and are fertilized in a petri dish using partner's sperm or donor sperm. The embryos are subsequently transferred into the woman's uterus, where implantation should occur. Thanks to a host of medical breakthroughs, including those addressing male factor infertility and implantation. IVF has become a viable option for an increasing number of patients. 

Artificial Insemination of Husband (AIH) 
Artificial insemination (AIH) is one of a number of infertility treatments available at Pro Vita Specialist Hospital. Artificial insemination or AIH is a basic step towards fertility treatments. This fertility treatment can be done using your husband or partner's sperm or sperm from a donor. Following intercourse, only a small proportion of the sperm ascend the female genital tract. The goal of AIH is to increase the quantity of sperm into the uterus and thereby facilitate fertilization. For AIH the sperm are first washed and placed into a small volume of sterile medium and are then injected directly into the uterus via a thin soft catheter. The patient is able to resume normal activity immediately following the AIH procedure

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