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The surgical services provided at Pro Vita Hospital are: 

LAPAROTOMY: is a procedure whereby the surgeon gets access to the abdominal cavity by an incision to operate on organs in the abdomen as follows.






DIAGNOSTIC LAPAROSCOPY: Is a surgical procedure which allows the surgeon to see and identify organs and other conditions like tubal patency inside the pelvis and abdomen with the help of a telescope and a light source. The most common complication is wound infection, other complications include intestinal perforation, bladder damage and bleeding.
At our hospital 0.27% from 2001 to 2009 representing 1 out of 3606 cases.

THERAPEUTIC LAPAROSCOPY (ENDOSCOPIC SURGERY): Is a telescopic surgical procedure which allows the surgeon to see and operate on organs inside the pelvis and abdomen usually under general anaesthesia e.g Tubes (salpingectomy, adhesiolysis) ovaries (oophorectomy, cystectomy.) Have the advantages of faster recovery and the application of minor incisions

HYSTEROSCOPY: Is an endoscopic procedures through which the doctor visualize the uterine cavity by means of a light source in order to identify and treat intrauterine abnormalitie


  1. Examination under anaesthesia
  2. Evacuation of uterus (e.g. miscarriage)

We have three theatres designated for:

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